5 Avenues To Earn Online

Where To Start

Starting a business online is easier than you might think. The internet has allowed even the least experienced with little or no tech skills the same playing field as the giant corporations (who I might add, employ staff to do this for them). Unfortunately if you are just starting out, this means you have to produce the staffing requirements, at least until you have set up your online business and cracked the code to success.

How quickly you start to see a return from your efforts, really comes down to how much time you have invested. Even if you have no money upfront, you can still operate an online business. So lets cut to the chase and look at the bricks and mortar of where you might start?

Below are 5 different types of online business setups you can pursue even with minimal upfront costs, if any costs at all.

Drop Shipping

Here your job is to direct customers to products you have listed for sale on a platform like Amazon, Etsy or Ebay to name a few. This product is owned by a vendor whom you will subscribe to, so that you can promote their product and when a customer buys the product, the vendor is left to finalise the deal. 

  • List the product on your platforms EG: Amazon, Ebay etc
  • Customer purchasers product through your account EG: Amazon, Ebay etc
  • You pay vendor to supply and deliver the product to the customer
  • You retain whatever mark-up/profits from the sale

Simple process that you rinse and repeat.


  • No warehouse or stock required
  • Minimal upfront costs involved
  • Able to use already existing reputable marketplaces like Amazon etc


  • A not so reputable vendor can let your business down
  • It’s a dog-eat-dog market
  • You need to sell loads to make good money

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is similar to drop-shipping but with a small difference. This time instead of looking for products to sell, you decide what niche you wish to promote EG: How To Make Money Online followed by finding an affiliate platform you want to use. 

First you choose a niche then you find an affiliate platform who has those products within the niche you have chosen. Here’s a few platforms you may want to consider … Amazon, Clickbank, Share A Sale or CJ Affiliate, note there are many but these a good place to start.

You set up a blog or e-commerce website to promote these products (Google offer FREE websites) attach your affiliate link to each product you are advertising and wallah, interested customers will click on your product link if this is what they are looking for. The link will send the customer directly to the vendor’s sale page, and from there the vendor will complete the sale and any upsells as well. You then will receive a commission from the sale the customer has just purchased including any upsells.

Similar to drop-shipping the only costs to you, will be marketing and advertising to drive traffic toward your blog site.

The difference between drop-shipping and affiliate marketing is that affiliate marketing requires less from you. All you do is drive traffic toward your offer, leaving you to focus on paid and free ways to do exactly that.

Affiliate marketing would be one of the most “hands-off” online businesses you can start.


  • No upfront costs
  • Minimal work ethic


  • You are responsible for driving traffic to your offer
  • Some cost maybe necessary to drive traffic to your offer


As mentioned prior (Google sites are FREE) so setting up a blog site is not an issue. You can write anything within the niche you are promoting, you can even take other already proven blogs/content from others BUT you will need to alter the content so that you are not done for plagiarism, anything is game really, as long as it relates to your niche. The point is that you want to post quality content that the potential customer is looking for.

Because Google is so packed with content and information, finding something to write about is endless Money Blogging For Beginners

POINT: You will eventually need your own website

Google AdSense

These are, paid per click ad’s run by Google. Every time someone clicks on the ad, you get paid a few cents or so. Google will only show ad’s that are relevant to your niche.

You get a code from Google, add it to your website and before you know it, there it is a Google AdSense advertisement appearing on your site.

POINT: You need a lot of clicks to make good money.

Blog Ad Networks

Blogads are another site you might consider and similar to Google Ads. You can run banner and or video ads and again you are paid per click.

Like Google AdSense, you get a code, insert it into your site and wait for customers to potentially take interest and click on the blogad.

POINT: You need a lot of clicks to make good money

Affiliate marketing

As already mentioned above here are some tips for your affiliate marketing blogs …

Post content regularly

Post useful information NOT boring

Ensure your content is engaging again NOT boring

Be honest and NOT salesie

You won’t achieve success by sounding like a salesman. Engaging your potential customer by making your content worth reading is half the battle won.

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In a nutshell to get your YouTube video monetized you need to have had 1000 subscribers & 4000 hours of watch time over the last 12 months not to mention a video you have created that is cracking it or has gone viral. 

Again your content needs to be engaging, interesting and or funny.

Once your YouTube channel has become monetized, Google will insert ads within your video, and when a viewer has clicked on anyone of the inserted Google Ads, you get rewarded with payment.  

If your YouTube channel becomes extremely popular you can also get pad via sponsorship, companies will happily pay you to advertise their products and services. 

Ways of making your YouTube video without tech skills or money …

  1. Use your phone
  2. Ensure the audio is clear
  3. Use a free online video editing platform https://www.openshot.org/

Your videos don’t need to be over the top, often simple is better.

Your YouTube channel can also be used to drive traffic directly to where you want.


  • Use your existing phone and computer
  • Applies to any niche of your choosing


  • Time-consuming when creating new content
  • A return on investment can take a while
  • Information Products

Simply put, digital products that can be on sold or used as a free give away to entice a sale.

Information Products


  • Audio selling a course or instruction manual
  • Video selling a course, a how-to guide
  • Text e-books, instruction manual or travel guide

Regardless of how or what you decide here, either way you create the potential to make passive income while you sleep.


  • Passive income earner
  • ROI can be achieved quickly


  • Whatever you create can be time-consuming
  • You might have some costs eventually

The World Is Your Oyster

Now that you have a brief understanding of the various online business avenues you may want to consider? You might decide on more than one option. I would recommend to start on affiliate marketing purely because it requires the least upfront costs, and setup less time-consuming than the other 4 suggestions. Get a handle on how it works before venturing to adding another.

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A Blessing In Disguise

Affiliate Marketing Related Blog

Losing My Job

Well Covid-19 for some was a kick in the gut especially those who live pay cheque to pay cheque. Bills don’t stop accruing if anyone of us were to lose our jobs? And I am no exception. Fortunate for me I have hubby whose hansom weekly income more than keeps us afloat unlike those of us left gob smacked as to finding a replacement source of income? Okay so this is where I made a solemn promise to myself that come hell or high water, I refuse to return to the norm of a 9-5 job consisting of a yes sir no sir how high do I jump sir mentality and instead decided to embrace the (educate myself) to making a living online and never answering to anybody else ever again. Realising I had a lot to learn and although I had tried several years back to build an online Shopify store that failed miserably, I certainly knew what I didn’t want to pursue. 

I had often seen publicized cases where entrepreneurs were killing it online, some selling training courses promising the earth, to which I was subject to and others doing this thing called affiliate marketing. So I opted to check this affiliate marketing out thoroughly especially if this was going to be an avenue I might pursue.

There is so much clutter out there on the net that sometimes it can be quite overwhelming when trying to determine where to go and whom to listen too? What I was finding was most affiliate marketers used similar systems to each other to get their links out to the rest of the world and myself following 6 or so prominent entrepreneurs (via YouTube) has given me plenty to concentrate on.

YouTube is the one-stop shop when you are unsure where to start. A lesson I learnt accidentally through my son who was about 10 at the time?  I had asked him a geeky question about using my recording system Logic Pro 8 and his reply was “YouTube it mum” “everyone uses YouTube”. Low & behold I did just that & here it was the answer to all of my Logic Pro questions, a lesson I never forgot and through my 10 yr old son at that.


In a nutshell, is promoting someone else’s product or service. You don’t need any money to get started but you will need to set up your affiliate account/s. Just some to name a few … Clickbank, Jvzoo, Share A Sale, Digistore24 and so on. If you are here reading my blog then you would have noticed I have my own website, rest assure it is not my only website, I have several other sites out there in the big wide world promoting many affiliate product links. But for now I only pay for one site and that is this one. See I have learnt thus far, that one site just does not cut it unless you happen to be Amazon or Apple or Shopify to name just a few. Its like fishing you either chuck out your one line or you chuck many lines or even better chuck out a net and chances are your many lines or your net will yield you a far bigger catch? 

Affiliate marketing is a virtual business that promotes other peoples products & services and requires tons of learning and patience like any other business. You need to have a hunger and a passion to drive your virtual home business to success and the beauty of it all is once you have lined all your ducks in a row, you just sit back and wait for the magic to happen. 

Here’s a breakdown of the affiliate marketing process ….

  1. You join an affiliate program (others can be added later once you have a good foundation in what you are doing) 
  2. Your search your affiliate platform for a product you want to promote
  3. You set up your affiliate product links on your site (Google sites are FREE to set up if you’re strapped for finance)
  4. Your drive traffic to your site (where your affiliate link has been embedded)
  5. You get paid a commission (when a purchaser buys that product through your click through affiliate link)

The beauty of the above is,  you simply rinse & repeat the same process. Just imagine having 100 sites out there doing its thing? or even 500 sites? Now you might see how some of these entrepreneurs have made those testimonial earnings of 6 figures or more? Certainly not impossible and if you’re wondering BUT isn’t the net already saturated not to mention the competition?

NO it is not! The net is growing bigger exponentially, it will never grow smaller? 

Affiliate marketing is only one facet of how you make money online and is usually where most newbies start, I would at a guess assume like me,  finances somewhat limited. As you will see on my “Gallery Page” my designing fetish, I also create my own designs. These I have fused to a free merch platform who on sell my creations. There are so many ways to earn a living online and I have only mentioned two, the merch avenue I will discuss on another blog. So stay tuned and maybe you will call again 🙂

I support the link below “12 Minute Affiliate” because it is designed with newbies in mind. If this, is you? I highly recommend you check it out. 


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PERFECT for newbie and intermediate marketers.

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Doting Grandparent Syndrome

Life can be crazy enough bringing up your own family, but grandparenthood is so much better than parenthood. ​I never thought in my wildest dreams that I could yet again be forced to yield so much love and affection on such a grand scale. I say grand because that is exactly how I am around my 2.5-year-old grandson, this is what life is all about. Once told by a relative whose exact words were “it’s a love totally different from the love you have for your own children” to which I now totally understand.

Jaxon’s baby years were intermittent visits with loads of cuddles in between, while mum and dad experience their new roles as first time parents. Fast-forward to today, now that he is a toddler and coming into his own personality (oh god help us) the fun times and memories to treasure can now begin. 

Jaxon has acquired several desires one of which is playing horsey rides on anyone of granddads legs when granddad sits in granddads armchair. As Jaxon comes from a father who is military and a family legacy of military men, his father has ingrained in him and in a loving maternal manner a toughened exterior especially when he falls over or hurts himself making for playtime with granddad even more fun. Another one of Jaxon’s desires is to run toward granddad at full speed and plant him, granddad on his toes uses all his strength to make sure they both don’t fall over. 

For me Jaxon born on my birthday was like an angel sent to be my guiding light. You see the day he was born was during a period of extreme stress for both my husband and I and Jaxon’s entrance into this world made light of all the troubles that we were experiencing, it felt like a cloak of darkness had been lifted from us and replaced with this undenying ray of sunshine. 

Jaxon often comes for sleep overs at nanas, where I will uplift him Friday afternoon from daycare once I finish work. Mum in advance will pack for him extra clothing and also inform him prior “nana will pick you up today Jaxon”. He reacts ever so anxious and excited when I arrive. At my home he walks in like he owns the place, a good sign that he feels comfortable and happy even knowing it’s not mum and dads house. He has run of the house so yes toys strewn from one end to the other and most importantly nana has made certain his treat jar has been refuelled with his fav chocolates. Golden Rule for all nanas “what happens at nanas house stays at nanas house”. He often requests his need to watch Spider-Man (the latest craze) and loves dancing to the wiggles. Because nana lets him watch Spider-Man on her phone, this is usually our cuddle time, while he watches his movie, and we both indulge in treats.

Because my grandson has drawn me into his little world I have taken to designing cartoon characters based around his fancies. The first of which I have called “Spider Monkey” You can pretty much figure how I may have come about the idea? I would really appreciate your feedback on my new-found interest so by all means click on the link below to browse the “Spider Monkey Collection” and flick me any of your comments via my contact page, cheers looking forward to hearing from you 🙂                


A word to all grandparents, you can never have enough quality time with your grandchildren no matter what silly things you maybe encouraged to partake in. Making beautiful memories with them irreplaceable and so damn worth all the tribulations of your own parenting experience. Never make excuses instead make sacrifices, grandchildren allow you the opportunity to now let your hair down and enjoy the better parts of parenting through them. So go on take a break, and give them your time, because it’s a feeling unlike any other … here’s to you and your grandchildren.


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